We all have friends right? They’re people we share a bond with different from the one we share with family.

There are certain things you can tell your friends that you can’t even think of telling your family.

Sometimes friends can be people (or a person) that whom you share similar interests, your playmates, and people you’ve known since you were little. But how do you make friends? You interact with people and share your ideas and thoughts.

You, as a high flyer, can’t be friends with someone that doesn’t even try to aim high. Once you see that a certain “friend” doesn’t match your energy, end the relationship. If you’re friends with someone that does bad things, and I mean bad things, they’ll start to rub off on you. Even if you’ll most likely not join them in whatever they do, people will associate you with them and think you do the same vile things that they do.

Remember, Corinthians 15:33 says Don’t be fooled by those who say such for ”Bad company corrupts good manners ”

What the Bible is telling us here is that once you roll with bad people, you start becoming like them and you may not notice.

Always keep positive people around you, people that will be with you every step of the way.



You can’t be a teenager or a young adult and say you haven’t heard of Kpop (unless you’re living under a rock😂), I mean, it’s everywhere.

It’s a popular genre of music that started in South Korea.

It’s played on the radio, shown on the television and people talk about it. Girls mostly😂

Kpop started in 1992 in South Korea and became more popular in the 2000s and has since taken the world by storm. I learned about Kpop in 2018, and the first song I heard was ‘Boy With Luv’ by BTS.

BTS is the biggest boy band in the world and it’s made up of 7 members. I have to say I was intrigued by the music video, it was something I hadn’t heard or seen before and I thought it had a special ring to it. The whole thing was just different and since then, they became my favorite musicians (I’m an ARMY btw💜). .

BTS and BLACKPINK (a four-girl Kpop group) have played a key role in Hallyu (할류) or the Korean wave which has non-Koreans hooked on anything Korean, like their dramas, movies, the people, their language and their culture, the rate of tourism in South Korea also increased over time.

I too am a victim of Hallyu, I needed to be able to watch Korean movies without the subtitles and listen to their music to understand what the song was all about so I started learning Hangul which is the Korean alphabet.

There is still a lot to talk about on Kpop it is very intriguing. Maybe I’ll do a part 2. 🤭

안영 친구! (Goodbye Friends!)


University is a word we’ve been acclimatized to overtime, it’s an institution we go to after secondary school, to get our degrees and to achieve our dreams of becoming better people in society.

Being in the university is fun, you make new friends, you acquire more knowledge and you go to a completely different environment, outside that of the one you’re used to.

Now, don’t get carried away. Some of you may have strict parents who won’t let you go out as much as you’d want and then you head to the uni and find a sort of freedom. There is so much evil in the world these days and you have to be careful about who you trust, if you’re to make friends make good friends who will be there to cheer you up along the way and help you achieve your goals.

Always keep up with your classes, it adds to your attendance which also adds to your CGPA, aim for a first-class, it opens more doors for better chances in your career. Don’t let anyone discourage you, it’s hard now but think about how your hard work will change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

Remember to always get the bag



According to Wikipedia, A teenager, or teen, is someone who is between 13 and 19 years old

To be honest, being a teenager is not easy.

From being a pre-teen to suddenly becoming a teenager overnight, You’ll have to take up serious responsibility. It’s something you weren’t used to before, but hey, you have to grow up. It’s not a long period before you become a young adult and have to carry more burdens, so why not make the most of your teenage years? Make new friends, have fun, and spend more time with your family. You won’t be young forever, and you may not have the time in your schedule to do the things you loved doing as a teenager, so live your life

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